Tiffany and Company

My Guide to the Perfect Tiffany Blue Holiday and a…..Giveaway

I’m not sure how Thanksgiving is only two days away which means Christmas is creeping up REAL fast! I’m mostly done with gifts for both my kiddos but still need to finish up with my husband and parents.

Around this time, I enjoy sharing with you some of my Tiffany & Co. wish list items plus some shopping suggestions. Oftentimes people assume you can’t find an affordable option from Tiffany & Co. and that just isn’t true.

If you are trying to not break the bank but still give something nice here are my suggestions:

Terra-cotta flowerpots: There are a couple of options and each are only $100. You can purchase a set of two that are 4 inches high, a set of three that are 3 inches high, or a single one that is 6 inches high. I have all of them and they make great decor for your office or home.

The New Perfume Tiffany and Love Eau de Parfum: I scored a sample the last time I was in Boston and it’s officially my new favorite scent and I’ve got tons of compliments on it. Even better there are a few different sizes and price points. The 1.6 ounce one is $105 and then 3 ounce one is $135. Plus there are other scents available too.

Color Block Tea set with bone china mugs: Perhaps you have a friend who is into tea. If so, this is the perfect gift. It comes with the Tiffany tea, as well as, two mugs.

Jasmine Candle: Who doesn’t love a candle they can add to their home? At $95 dollars you can purchase this in a beautiful color block holder that can be used long after the candle is gone.

So What’s on my Wish List??

These are some of the items I would love to see under my Christmas tree! The diamond pendant and the Hardwear bracelet are at the top!

What are you hoping to receive this holiday? Or what are you hoping to give? If you need some assistance I highly recommend contacting my sales professional Maria because she’s the BEST! Her email is or find her on Instragram at @m_lagas.

Oh and I can’t forget, I’m feeling generous this holiday season and want to gift one of you a Tiffany & Co. box with a surprise inside. Follow the instructions below to enter and I will announce a winner on Saturday, Dec. 7.

1.) Follow me on Instagram @tiffanybluegirlatheart

2.) On my Instagram post that goes with this blog tag three friends that would also like a Tiffany blue box under their tree

3.) Share my post to your stories and tag me

Everyone who completes these three steps will be entered to win! Good luck

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