Tiffany and Company

A Special Event Just in Time for Mother’s Day

Any day spent at Tiffany & Co. is a win in my book, but it’s extra special when they do a special event before the store actually opens! This past Sunday I got to visit the Boston location for a special hand engraving event.


Master engraver Harold Gainer was at the Boston location and doing hand engraving for any item you purchased that day. Harold has been with the company for 50+ years. He does the work on the Lombardi Trophy so you know basically he’s a BIG DEAL. His craftmanship is top notch. It was very cool to watch him do the work on the two pieces I purchased.

It also never hurts when they have cute cookies to indulge on while watching Harold work his magic. So you are probably wondering what I purchased? Well, one item for me and one for my mom as a Mother’s Day gift.

The Mother’s Day before my daughter Madison was born, my husband bought me the Paloma Picasso bar pendant and had Madison’s name engraved on it. I decided this year I wanted the chain tag bracelet with Landon’s name engraved on it so I can wear both pieces together. It came out absolutely perfect but I’m not allowed to wear it until Mother’s Day so it’s currently wrapped in the beautiful box and bow we all love.

My husband couldn’t make the trip so I asked a friend I grew up with and that lives in Boston if she wanted to join me. She got to enjoy mimosas for herself and me! We also had the chance to try on some diamonds, cocktail rings, and other fun pieces of jewelry.

Check out the 5 carat Tiffany Setting pictured above. I won’t even share the price tag on it, but I have to say I like the way it looks on my finger. The last picture is of the diamond bands I’m hoping to be gifted for our tenth wedding anniversary in another 4 years. They would add some extra sparkle to my diamond.

For all of you mothers out there (fur ones included) I hope you get something special this Sunday. Enjoy the day and put your feet up, you’ve earned it.