Tiffany and Company

Tiffany & Co Site Down but the Updates are On Point

Plenty of people on my Instagram feed were talking about how the Tiffany site was down this morning! I quickly typed into my search browser and found the same message they did!

But it was all for a good cause….it’s because the site was being updated and I must say it’s much more mobile friendly. I also like the tab with the different options to select much easier.

Just curious, how often do you order from the site? I tend to use it for browsing and then always like to see the items in person and then order through my sales professional.

Here is what shoppers will find when they type in now! I’m very excited about the new leather goods that have been popping up on social…who has seen the micro tote, backpack, or phone carrier?! Can you say swoon!!

The last thing I want to mention is that you can now buy engagement rings online! How forward is that?! For some, going into the actual store can be overwhelming and they avoid it! Now they can pick out the ring in the comfort of their own home! Don’t forget to read up on Tiffany’s Diamond Source Initiative while on the new site.

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