Tiffany and Company

A Very Tiffany Birthday!

Last week on Valentine’s Day I celebrated my 33rd birthday. I actually had to do the math to remember how old I was. It’s funny how as a kid the years go by so slow and then you hit adulthood and you don’t know where the year went.

I didn’t want anything extravagant for my birthday. I have been traveling for work a lot and just wanted to be at home and celebrate with my family and my in-laws. I didn’t even have a birthday list when my mother asked what I wanted. Now it’s no surprise, but most people can assume anytime I receive a gift from Tiffany & Co. I am going to be pleased.

Let’s first start with the AWESOME and DELICIOUS cake I was treated to with my family.

A girl from my hometown who was a year behind me in school has an incredible talent for cake design. She made this perfect Tiffany box cake. Not only did she nail the design but it tasted delicious too.

The next surprise arrived on my doorstep a couple days before my birthday. I happened to be home because my daughter has been sick and this was the perfect pick-me-up!


My very kind and thoughtful sales professional Maria sent me the perfect birthday surprise! I’m not sure where she found the pocket sized puzzle but I absolutely love the saying. “Nothing is impossible the word itself says I’m possible.” I have this framed in my daughter’s nursery. Not to mention the gorgeous Tiffany nature dishes. I haven’t decided where I am going to put these quite yet!


When I was in Boston a couple of weeks ago, I stopped by the Tiffany & Co. to have my diamond cleaned. It had been awhile and with Maine winters I feel as though I am constantly applying hand lotion and making my diamond not sparkle quite as much. This large Tiffany window book was on display and I took the time to glance through it a bit. This is the ultimate collection and will cost you $845. A little more than I wanted to spend, however, if you fancy click here to make the purchase. The good news is they have a smaller version with less content for a reasonable $30. Click here to purchase. I went ahead and treated myself to a “before birthday” gift.

Here are a couple of my favorite window displays that are featured in the book. If you are a fan of Tiffany & Co. or have always admired their windows I highly recommend treating yourself or asking for the book as a gift.


Here is the cover of the Windows at Tiffany & Co. book I purchased. You will also notice the Elsa Peretti heart bookmark. I purchased this for my assistant director as a Christmas gift and fell in love with it. While I was in Atlanta I decided to treat myself to this small purchase. I’m an avid reader but sometimes really bad about folding the pages over, now I no longer have to do that!

Lastly, as I previously mentioned I didn’t ask for a specific item from Tiffany & Co. for my birthday but I was lucky enough to get gift cards from my parents and in-laws. Plus I still have one from my parents at Christmas time.


So what do I plan to use them towards? The Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff. I have had this particular item on my wish list for 3+ years. I love the sleekness of it, plus it’s not like any other Tiffany item I own. My husband and I are headed to Boston the end of February for a Bruins game and will be stopping in to visit with Maria and make the purchase.

I want to close this post by thanking all of my followers for your kind birthday messages. I read every single one of them and I believe responded to all of them too. Each one I read brought a smile to my face. I enjoy making the connection of how we started following each other. All over the love of a brand that is special to so many!

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