Tiffany and Company

An Atlanta Experience True to the Tiffany Brand

Last week work brought me to Atlanta, Georgia. A city I had never visited. As usual, I always try to visit the Tiffany & Co. store in every new city I travel to. I did an Insta shout out to anyone living in Atlanta or who worked at their Tiffany and had some great responses back. Kavita was quick to send me a message saying she worked there and would love for me to come visit!

Kavita was born in India, but grew up in the U.S. Through her parents’ jewelry business she’s always been around the industry. She took a leap of faith and started working as a seasonal employee about five years ago and has never looked back. It was such a pleasure meeting her and she provided such wonderful hospitality.

Here are a few things I tried on while browsing. The new T Bangle in white gold with diamonds. It is a head turner for sure. You will also notice the Tiffany Embrace diamond wedding band. This is the next BIG purchase I need to work on my husband for 🙂

Kavita was kind enough to take me into one of their VIP suites and treat me to these beautiful Tiffany Blue sweets. We may have just met an hour earlier but she was so easy to carry on a conversation with. If you live in the Atlanta area or ever visit be sure to ask for her at the Tiffany & Co. You can also follow her on Insta @kavitaatl

I have a funny story about this trip, you will see I am holding a Tiffany bag. A friend of mine ask me to pick her up silver cleaner and polishing cloth. I stuck the bag in my carry on, forgetting it was a liquid and more than 3 ounces. OOPS! As soon as my bag went through security, it was pulled out. I immediately realized the mistake I had made and was worried it would be taken away from me. Thankfully a kind TSA agent just ran a quick test on the box and let me go on my way with the purchase in hand.

The Atlanta store is a must stop, they have a great selection of inventory and a very welcoming environment.

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