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A Thoughtful Gesture all the Way from Australia


This is Jessica or @jessieebabyy23 on Instagram. We’ve been following each other on Instagram for at least 2 years if not more now. We’ve never met but share a LOVE for Tiffany & Co. I know it’s shocking!! 🙂

Jessica was married in August 2018 and she looked BEAUTIFUL. Her wedding dress was absolutely stunning. She and her husband live in Australia but came to New York City as part of their honeymoon. She wanted to experience Breakfast at Tiffany’s at the Blue Box Cafe but was having a hard time getting a reservation because of the time difference. I offered to assist and was able to secure a reservation for her. Doesn’t she look Audrey esque sipping her drink in the above photo? I’m so happy she was able to have the experience and enjoyed seeing all her photos.

Fast forward to a few days after Christmas when she posted a pair of beautiful Breakfast at Tiffany pajamas. I immediately sent her a message asking where she got them. They are Peter Alexander of course (based in Australia). My next move was going to their website but unfortunately they were completely sold out of my size online.

Jessica checked back in and asked if I had any luck. When she found out I didn’t she offered to physically go to one of their stores and make the purchase for me! I was extremely appreciative and said I would send cash through PayPal. However, she offered them as a gift and thank-you for my help with the Tiffany Blue Box reservation.


I was and still am extremely appreciative and touched by her kind gesture. We’ve never personally met, yet have bonded over a love for a particular brand and to me feel like friends! And how fantastic are the pajamas? They event fit with my current baby bump!

I’ve said this before and I will say it again. In a world where social media can be used negatively, I want to share this story to prove there is such positivity and wonderful connections made!


A closer look at the print of the pajamas. Keep an eye out on the Peter Alexander website because they have some pretty cool prints.

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