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My European Tiffany & Co. Visits


My job provides me the chance to travel to many different cities across the United States and just last month brought me to Europe. For those who have been reading my blog for quite some time, you know anytime I’m in a new place with a Tiffany & Co. I try to find the time to stop in. I enjoy the different store designs and meeting the people.

I’ve always said there is no place like New York City at Christmas time which is true, but Paris and London give this statement a little competition. I flew into Paris and knew I had to walk the Champs Elysees Avenue which no surprise is home to a Tiffany & Co.

I remember scrolling social media when they did the grand opening of this store and featured Jessica Biel. I remember the gorgeous shots and spying this exquisite chandelier. Proof below in the Getty Image.

Image result for jessica biel paris tiffany and co

I knew I had to get a photo of it in person and it did not disappoint. I also love all the wreaths in each window. Can I hire one of you crafty people to make a wreath like this out of all the saved boxes I have?


How cute is this life size robot? I loved that it had a Tiffany bag on its hand. I know there has been some talk of not quite understanding their robot approach in marketing. I encourage you to read this great article in The New York Times that gives a little more insight.

The Paris store is lovely and I enjoyed my visit. Even as a non French speaking American tourist I felt welcome!

I took the Eurostar from Paris to London and I’m so glad I did. I had been seeing posts of this incredibly LARGE Tiffany tree on social and was happy to hear that it was inside the St. Pancras railway station because that is where I arrived.

These photos don’t do the tree justice. It was stunning in person and everyone was stopping to take pictures.

Soooo…London! I could gush for hours over London and especially the Tiffany & Co. on Bond Street. It is absolutely beautiful and homey feeling!


First off, how magical does this look? It’s just how I had pictured it but better. I can’t say enough nice things about the staff they were extremely accommodating and kind.

My favorite part was this window nook on the third floor. Can I have this fabric to create something similar in my house? PLEASE? It felt so cozy and made me feel at home. It was just the visit I needed because at this point I had been away from my family for 4 nights and my sleep was all mixed up because of different time zones. This brought pure delight to me. The fabric actually says The Tiffany Times!

If you ever travel to Paris or France make sure these locations are included in your must-see! Many people have asked if I purchased anything to commemorate my trip and the answer is no. I was there Dec. 10-14 which is so close to Christmas and at that point my shopping was done.

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