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Tiffany Wish List Item Complete

I CAN’T believe it is already 2019, and I am way behind with this post but here it goes. On Sunday, Dec. 16 my family and I had the privilege to attend a storybook reading at Tiffany & Co. in Boston. I don’t think my heart could swoon anymore over this beautiful photo I captured of my husband and daughter. This brand holds so much meaning in my life, as I’ve mentioned before so many pieces allow me to fondly relive a special moment in my life!

I’m always excited for a Tiffany related event but this one was extra SPECIAL because after four years of begging, my husband bought me my dream diamond earrings!


Roscoe Orman was the featured storybook reader. He is best known for playing Gordon Robinson, one of the central human characters on Sesame Street. He joined the show in 1974! I was a little nervous if the reading would hold Madison’s attention but she was FANTASTIC!

How cute are these cookies and candy bars they passed out at the event. I can attest they were just as delicious as they look. There was of course light appetizers, hot chocolate, and mimosas!

Maria Lagas is my fabulous sales professional at Tiffany & Co. in Boston. She found me through Instagram back in the late summer of 2014 and invited me to come into the Boston store for a private viewing of the recently released T Collection. Shortly after I was hired as a seasonal sales professional for the Boston Copley location and have stayed in touch with her and another part time sales professional Alex Kelly!


Here we are pictured in front of the Tiffany tree! Maria has allowed me to try on many different Tiffany diamond earring sizes over the years and I knew once Ben gave me the green light I needed to work with her for the purchase.

And drumroll please……


Here are my Tiffany & Co diamond earrings. I am in LOVE! I got a lot of messages requesting details so I figured I would share in this post. I selected the round diamonds instead of princess cut. I initially thought I wanted princess cut to match my diamond ring but preferred the look of the round diamonds in my ears better. The carat weight of each diamond is 0.34 which in my opinion works perfectly for me. Not too small but also not over the top. The color grade is I and the clarity grade is VVS1. Here is a great link from the American Gem Society that explains the Diamond Clarity Scale. This link from Tiffany’s website breaks down the Clarity Grade as well and explains the Color grade. You will notice from the Tiffany link that they have strict standards on the diamonds they sell, much stricter then other diamond retailers.

Despite wanting to write this post sooner, my timing couldn’t be better. It was just announced TODAY that Tiffany & Co. is once again taking their sustainability promises and transparency to another level. Now for any diamond .18 carat or bigger they will identify for customers the country where their diamond was mined, and, eventually information on where it was cut, polished, and set. To read more on this check out this article from The New York Times.

I can say with absolute enthusiasm I am proud to own Tiffany & Co. diamonds and be  a supporter and buyer of this brand for more than 10 years. KUDOS to them!



2 thoughts on “Tiffany Wish List Item Complete

  1. Meghan,
    Great article as usual!! So happy you finally received your dream earrings!! Nothing better than Tiffany diamonds! They are beautiful!!


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