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How this all Started

I thought I would share a little back story about this blog and how it all started. Many of you have been following since I started in 2012 but there are quite a few that are new followers so I thought I would share an update.

I received my B.A. in Journalism with a concentration in Broadcast and my M.A. in Communications and for four years after college I worked for WABI TV5 in Bangor. I started as an associate producer, moved to a reporter, and eventually had the opportunity to anchor the 6 & 11 p.m. newscast on Saturday and Sunday. However, I decided to leave news in May of 2012 and come to Colby College to work in their alumni office. I knew the job change would mean less writing which I enjoy doing so I decided to start a fun little blog.

The Type A person I am, I did a little research about starting a blog and some best practices. I discovered that it is best to stick with 1-3 topics and something you are passionate about. Well, anyone that knows me is fully aware of my passion for the brand Tiffany & Co. and those little or big blue boxes. With that being said…I decided to start a blog focused on just Tiffany & Co. and I can’t believe all the fun perks that have come from it in a short six years!!!

The biggest opportunity was being discovered by the executive producer of a film company in NYC that happened to be doing a documentary about Tiffany & Co. They interviewed me in NYC and I made the final cut into the film. You can learn more about the doc Crazy About Tiffany’s by clicking here.

The most rewarding part about this blog is the worldwide friendships I have made. I’ve even been lucky enough to do some fun meet ups with some of the followers I’ve gained.

I also LOVE rewarding my followers and do contests that usually lead to the winner receiving something from Tiffany.

I can’t wait to share more photos from my recent style shoot with some of my Tiffany pieces. Stay tuned.

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