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What Does that Never Ending Wish List Look Like?

Two of my favorite features of the Tiffany & Co. Website are their “Drop a Hint” and “Wish List.” The Drop a Hint comes in handy around holidays and birthdays because you are able to share a particular item that you are dreaming off. The Wish List allows you to save all the items you are interested in purchasing.

Sometimes my wish list gets a bit too big and other times there are a few key items on it. With my recent micro link chain bracelet from the HardWear Collection I was able to remove an item.

Lately, a lot of my purchases have been for the home and not always jewelry which is new for me. Below I thought I would share with you what I hope to purchase or receive in the near future. Please do share with me what’s on your wish list.


These are my two jewelry items on the wish list. The bone cuff has been a “must have” item for quite some time. It is definitely a statement piece for your wrist. I’m big into long necklaces lately because I love how I can then layer it with a shorter necklace.

There is a cool story behind the open bottle pendant. Check this video out to  learn more.


For those of you who follow me on Instagram too you know these two items were something I was considering purchasing while in NYC a couple weeks ago but opted for the larger potting plant. I tried the tea for the first time while in New York and thought it tasted delicious and I love the tea set, those mugs are perfect. I also have a formal dining room that seats 8 and these napkin holders would be perfect to spice up a tablescape. I’m a big fan of the color block.


File this under…I REALLY REALLY want! It would make a perfect diaper bag! Is it pricey? Yes! But do I still want it? Yes!!! I have had the Jitney Tote (which they no longer make) for almost 6 years and I have gotten great use out of it. When traveling I tend to use it as my carry on bag. It has seen better days but I love it so much. I think this would be my next bag from there.

I can’t end this wish list post without mentioning my diamond earrings. Clearly those are at the top and now that our house projects are almost complete my husband has promised me them for Christmas…EEK!!! I was recently in Boston and tried the round ones on and the princess cut ones. I thought I would want the princess cut ones to go with my diamond but after trying both on I’ve decided round diamond earrings are the way to go. They look better in my ears.

As always thanks for reading my blog and chatting with me either on here or through Instagram. I always enjoy connecting with each and everyone of you!


2 thoughts on “What Does that Never Ending Wish List Look Like?

  1. I wish I could get the bone cuff! I tried them on and they wouldn’t fit!! I thought my wrists were small but apparently not. It’s a beautiful piece! I’ve been eyeing the open bottle pendant for forever! I’d totally put real flowers in it. I hope you get them soon!!

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