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So I Did A Thing…..

I have some AWESOME girlfriends, many have been in my life for 25+ years at this point. I’m going to share a little bit about one of them…Jillian. Her and I went to elementary school and most of high school together! We were in each other’s weddings and have celebrated the birth of our children. I am a planner and quite Type A but Jillian takes the planning to a whole different level which is why I love her.

It was quite a shock to myself and our other friends when she declared she wanted a tattoo. I of course said I would go along for moral support. I ended up getting another tattoo myself.

For me a tattoo represents something in your life that holds value or reminds you of a special memory. After all it’s permanent! As many of you know the brand Tiffany & Co. holds a special place in my heart…sure I love their jewelry and accessories but it runs deeper then that. Their pearls remind me of my Nana getting ready for Church every Sunday. I would watch her slip into her black heels, put lipstick on and some pearls. It’s no secret my husband proposed to me at the Boston Copley location (we celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary tomorrow). Every major milestone in my life has involved a special gift wrapped in their beautiful blue box with the white satin bow.

I’m kind of burying the lead on this one BUT……SHOCKER….I opted to have a small Tiffany box tattooed on the inside of my right ankle. It’s very dainty and not a big, obvious tattoo. I coukdn’t be happier. This may take me to super fan heights (HA) but I absolutely love it. Something that reminds me of so many special moments in my life is now a constant reminder.

And how AWESOME does it look? If you are looking for a great tattoo artist I highly recommend Sam from Forecastle Tattoo in Bangor. Here is a link to their FB page. Definitely check them out!

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