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Valetine’s Day Must Haves


At Tiffany, we celebrate seizing the
moment and declaring your feelings
boldly. When it comes to love, there are no
rules. And there’s nothing like a Blue Box.

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Valentine’s Day is just 8 days away. Have you made your wish list? Do you think you will be receiving or perhaps giving a Tiffany Blue box?

I’ve always loved this holiday (maybe because it’s also my birthday)! I feel that I should say not all sentiments have to be from Tiffany and Company BUT if you are in the market for an item this post will help you along. I mean I am always eager to add something to my jewelry armoire.

I’m picking a few items for three different price categories so check them out!

$250 and Under

Tiffany Hardwear Ball Pendant: This is the 12.75 mm one. I have the 19 mm one and LOVE it. This necklace is adjustable to be worn as 18 or 20 inches. I pair mine with a lot of my chunky sweaters this time of year and have gotten tons of compliments on it. At $225 it’s worth the cost.

Tiffany Ball Hook Earrings: I also own these! They aren’t necessarily every day wear earrings but I have worn them to work a couple of times and gotten some great compliments. I wear these on days that I dress a little fancier. They come in right at $250.

Paloma’s Graffiti Love Ring: Because DUH….it says LOVE and it’s Valentine’s Day the LOVE day of the year. Bonus it won’t break the bank as it is only $185.

$500 and Under

Wheat Leaf Cups and Saucers Set:  Does your significant other enjoy sipping on tea? This is a set of 4, perfect for when guests are over. The wheat leaf design is new and stunning. It has a simplistic but classy look. $425 and this set can be yours.

Tiffany Seal Vase: Planning on purchasing flowers for the one you love? Why not purchase this vase and take it to the florist and ask them to put flowers in this one? I do this all the time with my Tiffany vases. The vase is $400.

Color Block Silk Scarf: This is a great gift for the classy lady who loves to dress up. It’s perfect to pair with a sweater or blouse. $225

Price is No Object

Tiffany Fleur de Lis Bangle: So this is going to cost you a bit more, $5,700 to be exact. It’s in 18k white gold with almost a carat of diamonds.

Women’s Tote: As a mom who works a full-time job I am always on the go and would love a tote like this. Easy to toss your laptop and any other work related items you might need. It comes in various different colors and is $1,450.

There are plenty of other items that would make great gifts this Valentine’s Day but I wanted to share a few items I either already own or would be happy to receive.

My husband and I are headed to Boston on Saturday, I am looking forward to a Tiffany visit and to see their windows in person. I LOVE this year’s Valentine decor.

Make sure to share what you receive from your significant other.

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