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Here’s what is on my Tiffany & Co Christmas List

Every year I make a Christmas list that is distributed to my husband, parents, and in-laws. They all say it’s easier for them to have a list. If you know me or read my blog regularly you can assume there are always Tiffany & Co items on those lists.

Usually around the holidays I provide a gift giving guide (which I might still do) but thought today I would share exactly what I have asked for that could come in that pretty blue box and white satin bow.

Drumroll Please…..

1.) Bone China Paper Cup: In the U.S. this will cost you $95 dollars and is a set of two bone china cups that look like the famed Tiffany paper cups we all love to get our hands on.

2.) 2018 Day Planner: This will be my fourth year using a Tiffany planner and between work, appointments etc. I depend on this to keep me on track. I go with the 5×7 option because it easily fits in my purse but has enough space to log what I need to.

3.) Color Block Vide Poche Set: Is it just my house or does everyone find their kitchen being cluttered with miscellaneous items that just get dropped on the counter? I’m hoping these small trays will bring some beauty to the excess items.

4.) Tiffany 1837 Hoop Earrings: These are pretty simple but I’ve also only gotten into wearing earrings on a daily basis within the last 4 years and I currently don’t own any hoop earrings. Now that I got over my spleeny issues with putting earrings in I’m excited to grow my collection. These seem like the perfect earring to dress up at work or wear with jeans and a sweater on the weekends.

5.) Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff: I’ve asked for the ruthenium over copper one that has a charcoal color to it. I’ve heard from a few that this particular one scratches easily and can’t be polished. It has been recommended I go with the sterling silver one and I know that is the logical thing to do but I am obsessed with the color of this one so I am going to chance it and hopefully not regret it.

Have any of you made your Christmas lists? What Tiffany items are on them?

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