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Madison’s Baptism


baptism 3

September 30th was a special day for our family, we had Madison baptized at the same church I was. But the nostalgia doesn’t stop there….

Many of you have read about my Nana, I grew up watching her put pearls and high heels on every Sunday for church which is what began my love affair with jewelry and essentially Tiffany and Company.

Unfortunately my Nana passed away in May of 2011. Her and I had a special bond and I can’t help but wish she was still alive to see some of the major milestones in my life such as my wedding and of course the birth of Madison. I know she would be proud!

So back to the nostalgia….the minister who baptized Madison is the wife of the minister who baptized me and is no longer with us. In addition she married Ben and I and was a close friend of my Nana’s so in a small way it felt like my Nana was present.

baptism 1

My parents and my in-laws were sweet enough to go in on a Baptism gift for Madison together from no surprise…Tiffany and Company. How cute does she look with the gift box in her lap? She is straight up posing!

baptism 2I love the gift they gave her. The sterling silver baby comb with pink tassle is the perfect keepsake that she can pass down to a possible future daughter. I’m currently looking for a shadow box to put it in and place on display in her nursery.

Have you had your daughter or son baptized, did you mark it with something special? Share with me in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Madison’s Baptism

  1. I am a recently baptized Episcopalian . My son had a different ceremony when he was born, and we commerated it with a silver monogrammed brush and comb set. It is still on display in my front hall hutch . He will receive it for his first born. Love the tradition .

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