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I’ve Entered a Contest, Keep your Fingers Crossed for Me

zebra galleriePhoto Credit Zebra Gallerie

I don’t enter a lot of contests I see on social media but recently one caught my eye that I knew I had to take a chance on. I’ve followed Zebra Gallerie on Instagram for more than a year now. If you don’t, you should (Instagram handler @zebragallerie). This photographer does the CUTEST themed shoots…I’m talking mermaids, circus, AND DRUMROLL PLEASE….A Tiffany and Company themed one. As I am sure you have figured out the photo above is an example of a Tiffany themed shoot the photographer previously did.

A friend from my hometown who now lives in Georgia (where the photographer is based) sent me a message saying you need to see her Tiffany photos. Here’s a little info about me, I am Type A and always planning far ahead which means I am already thinking about Madison’s first birthday photo shoot (which isn’t until June 2018). This shoot with this photographer is a MUST. Yes, I do live in Maine and yes I will be flying out for this photo shoot.

A couple weeks ago I saw a post from the photographer that they would give away one free photo shoot to a lucky winner who entered the contest. I quickly entered because it would be a great savings since I will have to purchase a plane ticket to make the trip. The winner is being announced TOMORROW (9/22) please send some good vibes my way as I would LOVE to be the lucky winner.

To many, Tiffany and Company is a jewelry brand but to me it’s been around for so many of the important milestones in my life and allows me to honor the memory of my nana who is no longer alive. I hope the older Madison becomes she cherishes the memories associated with the brand just as I do.

Zebra Gallerie also has a FB page you can check out. And a website too.

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