Tiffany and Company

Who Else Gets Excited for a Tiffany and Company Visit?!

If you don’t all ready know, I live in the beautiful state of Maine! Unfortunately my home state does not have a Tiffany and Company (I know it’s a tragedy 😂). So when I’m traveling for work or joining my husband on the road for hockey and we happen to be in an area with a Tiffany and Company you bet I take advantage. 

As it turns out the Providence location is where my husband ordered my two wedding bands from. Lesly Vecchio is wonderful and always reminds my husband of the important holidays and milestones. Yesterday’s visit was extra special because we got to bring our daughter Madison (clearly she was dressed for the trip)! She was a fan of all the sparkly pieces! 

It was great to visit with Lesly, sip on champagne, and view some of the newly released pieces. I’m still a big fan of Tiffany T and some items from the Hard Wear Collection. 

Christmas is right around the corner, it’s always important to have that wish list handy! 

So I know I have a Tiffany obsession, but there are plenty more of you out there. Who else gets excited for a visit to the beautiful store? 

8 thoughts on “Who Else Gets Excited for a Tiffany and Company Visit?!

  1. Hi Meghan, I always enjoy my visits too. We are fortunate to have not one, but TWO stores in Sydney City! Every time I go, something different always catches my eye! But it is the Pink Sapphire Soleste ring that gets my heart racing each time! I took my 5 year old boy in too, and he wants me to get the Amazonite beaded bracelet, because cyan is his favourite colour! Have you thought of a beautiful pink sapphire and diamond celebration ring, to add to your engagement, for Madison? regards


    1. Hi Jane! Thanks for the note (very jealous that you have two stores). The pink soleste is quite beautiful! I’m actually holding out for diamond earrings! We’ve done a lot of house projects this year (totally gutted our kitchen) so the diamond earrings will come in the near future.

      1. The diamond earrings will be a fantastic addition to your collection! And now that you have a beautiful daughter, it will also become a cherished heirloom, too!

  2. Im lucky to live in a city with 3 Tiffany stores! I still do like to visit Tiffany stores when I travel to other cities. My favourite so far was the Tiffany store in Tucson Arizona located in a beautiful out door style mall.

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