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The Perfect Baby Material for TCO Lovers

The things us mamas will put our baby girls through (i.e. constant photo shoots). One of my Instagram followers sent me a private message directing me to Urban Comfort Apparel which has an adorable Etsy site with all kinds of baby clothing items like rompers and bloomers.

This particular day they were debuting a fabric that honors our favorite iconic brand Tiffany and Company, as well as, Audrey Hepburn. Well of course I had to get my hands on this. They post items on their Instagram account and for special fabrics like this one there is only a certain amount available and you have to follow the instructions on how to request and purchase.

I first went with the romper and matching bow you see my adorable Madison pictured in above (#mombrag). Once it arrived I knew I needed more, I contacted the seller and they had enough material to make baby bloomers which are also pictured above.

Unfortunately they no longer have this fabric available but they’ve told me they will look for similar ones. My recommendation is to follow them on Instagram @urbancomfortapparel as that is where they will post a new fabric and directions on how to request an item with it.

In a couple of weeks we are going to Providence Rhode Island and plan to visit the Tiffany and Company there, I can’t wait for Madison to rock the romper!


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