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Summer Reading List with a Tiffany Mention


Summer is in full swing in my home state of Maine which happens to be my favorite season. I love the sunshine beating through my bedroom window in the morning, the pool days, and the night breezes that make a perfect time for a walk. Plus the excuse to go get ice cream at my favorite ice cream store.

But one of my favorite parts of summer is laying in the sun and reading a good book. I’m not getting as much reading in this summer with a newborn but that is okay!

For those of you looking for a fun read and that enjoy Tiffany and Company as much as me I thought you would appreciate some suggestions that feature the beautiful store and/or Audrey Hepburn herself.

To make it convenient, I’ve included links to where you can order these great reads.

1.) Midnight at Tiffany’s This divine book is by Sarah Morgan and follows a waitress by the name of Matilda who has big dreams as an aspiring author. When she meets a millionaire some of her dreams become a reality and a trip to Tiffany’s just might change things. I flew through this book, I think it only took me two days to complete. I love getting into a book and becoming so hooked you can’t put it down.

2.) Summer at Tiffany The author of this book is Marjorie Hart. The really cool thing about this book is it is based on a true story by the author who spend the summer of 1945 working as a page at Tiffany and Company with her friend Marty Garrett. It was really neat to hear about how they were the first women to work on the sales floor. Marjorie was interviewed for the film Crazy About Tiffany’s (which also features yours truly #smallbrag). I read this quite a few years ago and I’m thinking of reading it again.

3.) A Night in with Audrey Hepburn Lucy Holliday wrote this divine book that showcases a creative imagination. The main character Libby is a hoot and you will find yourself dreaming of a visit from Audrey Hepburn.

4.) Being Audrey Hepburn A light-hearted read by Mitchell Kreigman who happens to be the creator of Clarissa Explains It all ( all you late 80s people will know this show well). Lisbeth, the main character, is obsessed with everything Audrey Hepburn. When she has the chance to try on the iconic Givenchy dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s her life changes.

5.) Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M. Sam Wasson shares the history of Audrey’s life. Note this was not approved by Audrey herself or her family so some say there are controversial story lines within the book. Either way it’s interesting to read the author’s take and I learned quite a bit about our darling Audrey Hepburn.

6.) Oh Yeah, Audrey This book was written by Tucker Shaw and is geared towards teens but I still enjoyed reading it. Gemma finds herself in front of Tiffany and Company at 6 a.m. with breakfast in hand. She goes to NYC to meet up with fellow bloggers who share a love for Audrey Hepburn. This book made me want to do a meet up with many of my fellow IG friends who share a love for Tiffany just like me.

7.) A Gift from Tiffany’s This novel by Melissa Hill is perfect for all those romantics out there. It follows two men who have a mix up in their Tiffany purchases. This small mistake changes everything and leads readers on a great adventure.

8.) A Diamond from Tiffany’s This is a sequel to Melissa Hill’s A Gift from Tiffany’s. This is the only book I have not read, but just ordered it from Amazon and can’t wait to dive in.

I hope you found this post to be helpful. Happy reading!





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