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Mommy to Be Must Haves for the Tiffany Lover

These days motherhood is consuming my life. I am trying to incorporate my love for the Tiffany brand into this so I can be the best mother possible while not losing myself and the things that bring me joy in addition to my newborn.

With this in mind I thought I would share some items that are a must have for the mamas out there who love Tiffany and Company. I’ve had fun shopping and receiving some of these AWESOME gifts.

To make it super convenient I’ve included links on where you can buy all these items!

FullSizeRender_1 A personalized tote bag

I was gifted this by a dear IG friend who follows this blog. It’s perfect for overnight stays as I pack Madison’s clothes and blanket in it. I love how it resembles the Return to Tiffany Collection and can have your baby’s name personalized on it.

FullSizeRender_7 Tiffany and Company themed pacifier

This was also a gift and Madison loves it. I waited until week four to introduce her to pacifiers to make sure she would nurse well and we tried three different kinds and this is her favorite. It’s the Boogin Head brand. I love that it serves a purpose while making my baby girl look extra cute and stylish! #MomBrag

FullSizeRenderTiffany and Company inspired burp cloth

I just came across this item today and have ordered it, I can’t wait to see it in person. If you are a mom you know that spit up is inevitable so why not protect your clothes with a stylish Tiffany Blue burp cloth. I’m looking forward to using this.

FullSizeRender_6 Personalized Tiffany and Company Bib

This was also a gift from my friend Jessica Mahn at my baby shower. Seeing a trend? Everyone knows I have a love for Tiffany and Company and are sharing it with Madison. I haven’t used this yet because we are just breastfeeding and started giving a bottle but once she starts eating solids and cutting her teeth (incoming constant drool) I will be putting it to good use. I do promise it’s super cute.

FullSizeRender_3 Breakfast at Mom’s Silicone Bib

Shocking, another gift. This one from my cousin Melissa. This bib is super cool. The bottom bends as to try and catch all the food that you know won’t be making it into your baby’s mouth when they start eating solid food. I haven’t tried this yet since Madison is only 6 weeks old but you bet by six months she will be rocking it.

FullSizeRender_2 Tiffany inspired Bunny Bum Mocs

First I have to say photo credit to Bunny Bum Moc’s instagram account. You should follow them @bunnybummocs

These are precious and Madison loves wearing them. They are easy to slide on and off. Another dear IG friend Ashleigh gifted me these. Her Instagram handle is @pearlslaceandgrace you should follow her and check out her blog. I mean could these shoes be any cuter?! Every baby fashionista needs a pair even if it’s in a different color.

OliverGal Tiffany Themed Prints

I’m only slightly obsessed with Oliver Gal Art. You should check out their website as they have TONS of fashion inspired prints perfect for any fashionista’s parlor. These two prints hang above Madison’s crib. My husband gifted me an Oliver Gal gift card for Christmas and I used it to buy these two prints.

FullSizeRender_8 The Bunny Bank from Tiffany and Company

You guessed it, another very generous gift. This we received from a hockey family whose teenager has played for Ben for 5 years. Every baby needs a “piggy” bank. In this case it’s a rabbit and comes in the beautiful Tiffany Blue box. This is displayed on Madison’s dresser and will be a piece she cherishes for years and hopefully passes down to her own daughter some day.

dishes Tiffany Bows Three Piece Baby Set

This was also a gift from a hockey family that my husband coached this year. I’m aware it says currently unavailable online but I am sure you could call customer service or contact your personal sales professional and they could locate it for you. Clearly Madison is not using these yet but she will look adorable when she does.

FullSizeRender_9 Personalized Necklace with Baby’s Name from Tiffany and Company

I saved the best for last mamas. This is something you can actually wear and cherish for years. For Mother’s Day my husband bought me this Paloma Picasso Loving Heart Bar Pendant and had it engraved with Madison’s name. Can you say heart melted?! It’s a perfect gift!

I really could go on with other items but for now I think this list will do! I love every single item and I’m having fun with picture ops (my poor child). Do you have any of these items, if so drop me a note. If not, happy shopping and I apologize to your checking account in advance.

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