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Madison Pearl is Already Showered with Love and Tiffany Blue

mad pillowSince going public on social media with the announcement of our pregnancy the outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming. I’ve read each message or comment with a big smile on my face.

Our family and friends close by have already started spoiling our baby girl but what has surprised me the most is my loyal blog and Insta followers, who some I’ve never met in person, have sent cards and gifts. In a world that displays such negativity on a regular basis, it is nice to know so many people have such big hearts. One of my loyal followers who I have only interacted with via Instagram and my blog sent me these wonderful gifts on Friday. How perfect will this Madison & Co pillow look in her nursery? And I can’t wait until she’s old enough to sport the tote bag. I can not thank luxury_t6 enough for these amazing gifts and the kind note she sent along with it. She thought Madison should have a love of Tiffany Blue from an early start (HA I don’t think that will be too difficult).

The painters are arriving the end of this week and then we will be able to start putting the nursery together. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. Once again, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! I can’t believe I am entering month 8 this week and she will be here before I know it. There is no doubt she will be loved by many!

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