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A Baby Girl is on the Way and Already Outfitted with Tiffany and Company

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I let life get the best of me and stopped paying attention to my blog. We bought a house, have been doing all kinds of reno projects and work has been a bit hectic. Plus….we have a baby on the way, I am officially 26 weeks today. However, I enjoy writing freely and connecting with others who are loyal to the Tiffany and Company brand. So this is me trying to get back into posting on a regular basis.

Madison Pearl Gray is scheduled to arrive on June 22 which also happens to be my husband and I’s 4th wedding anniversary. We all know babies don’t always cooperate and especially with this being our first.

I can’t wait to welcome this baby girl into the world. Check out the two amazing Tiffany and Company gifts she has already received! My husband owns a hockey program and many of the kids have been in the program for multiple years and you really form a family bond. Two different hockey families were kind enough to gift us these tremendous gifts. First being the Tiffany and Company Bunny Bank and second being the Tiffany Bows Three Piece Baby Set in Bone China.

I can’t wait to display the bunny bank in her nursery and eventually serve her food on this beautiful set.

I’m also in the process of organizing my baby shower (I do event planning for my full-time job) so I love planning parties. I just love the invites I selected. They are from Etsy and this lovely lady by the name of Jennifer’s shop TodaysFullofPossible. You should check her out, especially if you are looking for Tiffany themed invites.

I can’t wait to share nursery updates and other fun things, of course all Tiffany and Company related with you!




2 thoughts on “A Baby Girl is on the Way and Already Outfitted with Tiffany and Company

  1. Congratulations to you and your husband! So excited for you guys. Love reading your blog posts! So please do keep them coming. I also stay up to date by following your Instagram

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