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A Fun Photoshoot Showcasing some Tiffany and Company Pieces

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Most of you, like me, follow Tiffany and Company on every social media platform possible or at least one of them. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. Every time I see an editorial shot of a lucky model displaying their newest pieces I go Tiffany Blue with envy (HA, do you appreciate my play on words)?

Lucky for me I have a sister-in-law who is a pretty kick ass photographer and was willing to do a fun photo shoot with me and my Tiffany pieces. Above is a collection of some of the those photos. Who doesn’t love the opportunity to have your hair and make-up done and strike a pose?

As I was preparing my outfits for the shoot and trying to pick what pieces I wanted photographed it was a trip down memory lane. My key necklace was a wedding gift from my parents, my T-ring I bought myself as a you survived grad school so congratulations and my pearls were a gift from my husband. Each memory brought a smile to my face and makes these pieces even more meaningful.

Besides a shiny piece of metal, jewelry is a way to celebrate life’s milestones, express your individual style and add a little pizazz or grace to any outfit. I remember watching my nana slip on her pearls and high heels on Sundays before church and couldn’t wait to grow up and be able to do the same.

Trends come and go but timeless pieces last a lifetime and that to me makes my Tiffany and Company jewelry a sound investment.

Lastly, if you think my photos came out great you should check some of my sister-in-law’s other photos. Visit her Facebook page or request to follow her on Instagram @lucharellephotography.

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