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The Gift of Tiffany

Tiffany T ring

The Tiffany T Collection was released in August 2014 and by September I had purchased my first piece, which was the Sterling Silver Square Ring. I had an instant love for this collection. I liked the sophistication and simplicity of the pieces and could already picture myself accessorizing my outfits with the necklaces, cuffs and rings.

Okay so this next paragraph may confuse you and make you question how it will relate to Tiffany but follow along and I promise you will understand. I have three girlfriends that I have known for years. These are my “Ride or Die Bitches.” Sorry for the profanity but it’s fitting. These girls have seen me at my happiest and most vulnerable and sad moments. They have a BIG place in my heart so anytime I can do something special for them I jump on the opportunity. While I like most people enjoy receiving gifts, I get even more excited giving gifts to others, especially when I know it will bring joy and happiness to them.

My dear friend Jillian fell in love with my ring after the first time she saw it. We’ve gone to school together since kindergarten but didn’t get to know each other until fifth grade because of being in different classrooms. Jillian is one of the sweetest and hard-working people you will meet. She is married and has a beautiful daughter and will have a baby boy quite soon (probably not soon enough for her). Her and I both recently turned 30-years-old. Quite the milestone if you ask me. The four of us ladies always exchange gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Back in December when I was working as a seasonal sales professional at the Tiffany in Chestnut Hill, Mass. I mentioned to my other two girlfriends Jess and Katie if they would want to go in on the Tiffany T ring together to give Jill as a special 30th gift. They had been present the times she had tried on my ring and expressed how much she loved it so they were all about this particular gift.

We helped put together a small sprinkle in honor of Baby Boy Piehler and also presented her with the gift. She was beyond excited and almost cried so I think we did a great job. The photo you see above is of her beautiful baby bump and both of our rings on display. We are twinning now and we were all so happy to give her something special that she wouldn’t purchase for herself.

This post, like many others illustrates the role Tiffany and Company plays in so many special moments in a person’s life and the celebration of milestones whether that be engagements, weddings, birthdays, or the birth of a baby. I have so many pieces that I will cherish for a lifetime not because of the piece of jewelry but because of the memory that accompanies it.

ride or die

Picture above are the ride or die bitches I mentioned. From Left to right: Jillian, myself, Jessica, and Katie.


We know how to have a good time!

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