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Let’s Talk Tiffany and Company Oscar Dazzlers

post oscars

For many, who takes home the 8 pound Oscar is their highlight of the Academy Awards Show. If you are me, you love the show but the real fun is the E! Live from the Red Carpet. I anxiously await to see the stars arrive and the gown, shoes, and OF COURSE the jewelry they are decked out in. And this year did not disappoint.

Sophie Turner looked radiant in her Tiffany jewels which included a fabulous diamond necklace and Soleste earrings. It’s important to note her dress was made of sustainable materials. Who wouldn’t want to be draped in these diamonds? She looked fresh faced and stunning.

We all knew Cate Blanchett would be adorned with Tiffany jewels. Her pieces are from the 2016 Tiffany Blue Book. The starfish cuff was beautiful and those earrings…..there are no words. I love that her dress even had a hint of Tiffany Blue. She may not have left the show with the Oscar but she won the red carpet.

Elizabeth Banks brought her Tiffany jewels to the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Her earrings were gorgeous, but the ring is what had me drooling in Tiffany Blue envy. Now that is a statement ring.

I saved Reese Witherspoon for last because I am partial to her. In my eyes, she can’t do anything wrong. I know a lot of the critics say she never goes outside the box. My rebuttal for this is why should she? She does what she does so well. I am a fan of her style and died over and over looking at her stunning Tiffany and Company jewels. You all know I love to layer bracelets but I’ve never had the honor to layer three Tiffany diamond bracelets like Reese. And the earrings…WOW. She takes the top jewelry award for me from last night.

What did you think of these pieces? Were you a fan? Did you have a favorite?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Tiffany and Company Oscar Dazzlers

  1. Loved all the Tiffany jewels last night.And Cate Blanchett’s dress was stunning. I agree with you about Reese. Her style has always been stellar. She knows what works for her, and always brings her A game.

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