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A Great Trip Down Memory Lane

tiffany credit.pngtime hop

Who else logs onto their Facebook account from time to time and is either delighted at a Time Hop memory or mortified? Some days I peruse through years past and think what on Earth was I wearing or why did I have that as my status? However, yesterday morning was one of those feel good walks down memory lane.

It was two years to yesterday’s date that I was initially contacted by someone from the Quixotic Endeavors film team inquiring about the Tiffany documentary they had in the works.

And now it’s a reality and my name is officially in the credit roll. I’ve had the pleasure of watching the film and I can’t begin to describe how fantastic it is. If you miss one of the screenings in your area you really are missing out. Click here to see those locations and buy your ticket.

Some of my favorite parts of the documentary include; Katie Couric sharing photos from her 50th birthday party, hearing about how the proposal scene from the movie Sweet Home Alabama came about, and learning about all the past presidents of the United States that shopped there. But there are plenty of other interesting features to the film.

I might be bias to the Sweet Home Alabama part because my cameo leads into it.

Besides that I am a huge fan of the brand and excited to have this come to others. The viewing of this film means so much more. It proves that you can have a passion about anything even when it seems silly to others and find something rewarding through that passion. It also shows the power of social media and the connections you make. Daily, I have in-depth conversations with ladies I have never met in person but feel like I’ve known them for years. I am all about women uniting and this film will bring so many of the ladies I have met on social media together for their common love for those Tiffany Blue Boxes because we are just “Crazy About Tiffany’s”

So stop reading this post and go find more information about how you can watch this film!

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