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Tell Him or Her You Love Them With a Tiffany Box

Valentine hint

We have all heard the slogan, who says red is the color of love? For myself and many others that beautifully colored Tiffany Blue box is our choice of the color of love. As of this Sunday we can say good bye to January 2016 and hello to February 2016. February happens to be one of my favorite months possibly because my birthday is on Valentine’s Day and it’s a short month.

As soon as February hits we all have 14 days to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. Like I did for Christmas, I decided I would make a few recommendations on items that are sure to get your significant other’s heart fluttering.

For the man in your life:

Tiffany and Company Business Card Case: This is perfect for the busy man in your life who is constantly networking. The best feature is this item can be personalized with initials or a significant date. Not to mention, the price is quite reasonable at $370. My husband has this and loves it.

Tiffany Classic Oval Cuff Links: My husband has to wear a shirt and tie everyday for work so for the Christmas prior to our wedding I purchased these cuff links and had them monogrammed. He was able to wear them for our wedding and at work as well for the dress shirts that require cuff links. These will cost you $250 plus the additional personalization fees.

Classic Tie Bar: This is another item that can be personalized. Most men at some point in their life will need to wear a shirt and tie. Add a little pizazz to the combo with this tie bar. This is a great choice for a budget conscious purchase, coming in at $175 before personalization.

For the lady in your life:

Tiffany T Wire Ring: As many of you know, the Tiffany T Collection is currently my favorite so it is no surprise that a piece is making this list. This ring is in 18k white gold and features round brilliant diamonds. It’s the perfect ring to wear to a nice dinner or throw on some jeans and a nice blouse and it will add some sophistication to the overall outfit. It will cost you $1,600 but it’s well worth the investment.

Return to Tiffany Narrow Circle Edge Cuff: The Return to Tiffany Collection are some of the first pieces of Tiffany jewelry I received at a young age. In recent years, I haven’t worn those pieces very often as my style has transformed a bit. However, RTT released some new items, this being one of them and I really like it. It’s actually on my birthday wish list! Not to mention the price point is less than some of their other items at $400. Those of you with the bead bracelet or T Square Cuff this is a great layering piece to add to that arm stack.

Zip Jewelry Case: Does your significant other travel a lot or time to time? This item is perfect to take on those trips to ensure her current jewelry is completely protected. It comes in a few different colors to appease all tastes. Coming in at $195 you can’t go wrong.

I could go on for days with items that will be sure to bring a smile to the face of the one you love but I will stop with these suggestions. As always, I love hearing from you and what new pieces you’ve received so stop by and drop a comment.

And are you Crazy About Tiffanys? If so be sure to check out Tugg Inc. page to see where you can view the soon to be released Tiffany and Company documentary. Also be sure to view the trailer to the film to gain a sneak peek.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!



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