A Call to Action to all the Tiffany Fans and my Family and Friends

Pictured above is the Save the Date poster for the Crazy About Tiffany’s Film and also a screenshot of my cameo in the film.


Okay guys, I am so excited to be writing this blog post right now I can barely contain my giddiness. I have written 2-3 previous blog posts about the Tiffany Documentary by Quixotic Endeavors and now I am happy to report it is becoming a reality thanks to their crew and Gravitas Ventures.

So are you wondering how you can watch it? Well I have the answer. Thanks to Tugg Inc. this film is being screened at various cities across the United States on Thursday, February 18. Click here to read more on that. Right now there are 53 locations with screenings and you can purchase tickets through the link I provided above. Most theaters require 60+ people to buy tickets to make the screening a reality so be sure to buy your ticket and spread the news to your family and friends. How this works is if your area doesn’t sell enough tickets you will be reimbursed so no worries on being out money. Do you not see a screening happening in your area? I have a solution to this….on this same link you will notice a section that says Host a Screening that is followed by Coming Soon. Keep checking back and you can potentially start a campaign to have the film come to your local theater. Keep in mind the same guidelines apply in regards to a certain number of tickets being sold.

For my Maine family and friends, I am currently trying to get the film to be screened at the Augusta theater and would LOVE to have you come and see it. Not as big of a Tiffany and Company fan as me so don’t think it will be of interest. I assure you that is not the case. This film is a perfect mixture of glitz and glam, with history and an educational component.

Here’s the official description of the film:

Crazy About Tiffany’s peels back the velvet curtain and steps into the dream-catching world of Tiffany & Co. with unprecedented access and intrigue. From past to present, behind the scenes and in the spotlight, this film captures how a small but uncompromising New York jeweler has woven itself into the fabric of the world. Whether it’s diving into the process behind adorning their celebrities with jewels on the red carpet, discovering just how the 128 carat Tiffany diamond was discovered or following Francesca Amfitheatrof (Tiffany’s first ever female Design Director) as she leads us through the think tank behind her inaugural blue book collection, this fully authorized feature documentary will capture the truly dramatic and inspiring depth of an uncompromising luxury jeweler and timeless brand.

Are you a history buff? I bet you have no idea the number of presidents who shopped at this famed brand. Are you a sports fan? If so, did you know Tiffany and Company designs the Lombardi Trophy and many other professional sports pieces? See there really is something for everyone to love and learn from this film.

My cameo is amongst many big name people like Katie Couric, Jessica Biel, and Rachel Zoe. Did you know America’s Sweetheart Katie Couric celebrated her 50th birthday party inside the Tiffany and Company flagship store? Well only this film has inside photo access of this splendid party.

Okay are these teasers enough to make you want to catch a viewing of this film? I sure hope so! I promise there is plenty more you will learn.

Do you want a visual teaser? If so click here to check out the trailer of the film.

To add even more excitement to this already fabulous opportunity I have some great news. Thanks to Gravitas Ventures every single person who buys a Tugg ticket is eligible to win a $1,000 Tiffany and Company gift card. That’s right $1,000 to put towards that item that has been on your wish list forever or that you’ve just had your eye on.

As I stated at the beginning I’m thrilled and honored to have this opportunity and of course I’m going to end this post with a shameless plug….my 45 second cameo is about 45 minutes into the film so pay extra attention. HA!

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