Tiffany and Company Holiday Shopping Guide

holiday wish list

Okay folks, Christmas is 6 weeks away, that’s right I said it only 6 shopping weeks left. It will come as no surprise that I have an ongoing Tiffany and Company wish list but the five items pictured above are at the top of my holiday wish list in no particular order.

The Ziegfeld Collection Pearl Necklace: Pearls are never going out of style and I love the fact that this necklace is long enough to layer two to three times. I have my basic pearl necklace but this would add some pizazz to my work blouses.

Tiffany T Square Bracelet: I have been obsessed with the Tiffany T Collection since it was released in August 2014. I love the simplicity and clean designs. I already own the square ring and the narrow chain link bracelet so it makes sense to add this to my collection.

Tiffany Solitaire Diamond Earrings: Diamonds are a girls best friend right? I have the beautiful Tiffany diamond engagement ring and bands and now that I am wearing earrings on a regular basis it seems fitting that I need diamond earrings as well. Not the exact size of the earrings pictured. It is recommended to have at least a half carat for diamond earrings.

Atlas Bangle: The Atlas Collection took awhile for me to like. It wasn’t until I worked as a seasonal sales professional at the Copley location in Boston last holiday season that I fell in love. This would go perfectly with my pendant and is a great layering piece. Not to mention the Atlas Collection has a cool story behind it.

Tiffany T Cutout Ring: It’s no surprise that I have two items on this list from the Tiffany T Collection. Those of you who follow my Instagram account may recall I tried this ring on in San Francisco. It looks even better in person.

We all have different tastes so what works for me may not be appealing to you. However, I think any of these items would make a fabulous gift. But just in case, I’ve decided to offer a few other suggestions.

Items if you are trying to not break the bank:

Atlas Pierced Pendant

Tiffany Twist Knot Earrings

Bead Bracelet in Sterling Silver

Have a little extra money to spend:

Tiffany T Square Ring

Return to Tiffany Circle Edge Cuff

Ziegfeld Collection Pearl Bracelet

Extra Special Gifts:

Tiffany 1837 Cuff

Tiffany T Smile Pendant

Paloma Picasso Loving Heart Earrings

I hope your Holiday Season is filled with some Tiffany Blue and as always…Happy Shopping.

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