Dominating the Hills of San Francisco for a Tiffany Blue Box


So remember when I shared that I entered the Nike Women’s Toronto 15k and then decided to also sign up for the Nike Women’s San Francisco half marathon? Well I just returned from that race and trip to San Francisco.

I’ll start by saying I am happy to report I completed the half marathon but boy did it take every ounce of strength I had. San Francisco has a lot of hills, hills that become even steeper when running 13.1 miles. In fact for this particular race mile 10 was an ENTIRE hill that’s right a nonstop incline reaching 684 feet to be exact. I may be 29 years young but every muscle in my body was screaming at me during the race, after the race, and even today as I sit here and type this post.

I will be honest, there were moments during the race that I heard the inner voice inside my head say you can’t do this but I quickly erased it as I saw the motivating signs spectators were displaying, saw the 20,000+ women around me and even saw an amputee slaying the race. I refused to give up and set out to conquer the goal of completing a half marathon before turning 30.

The trip was a blast, I even had the privilege of meeting up with Carolina (pictured above). Another example of how cool social media is and the connections you make. She is also a big fan of all things Tiffany and Company which is how we initially found each other on Instagram. We soon learned we would both be running the race and decided to meet up at the Tiffany and Company in Union Square. It was such a pleasure meeting her and spending some time with her and her sister.

So what makes people run 13.1 and 26.2 miles? I think it’s a challenge, a goal and something inside of people that commits them to conquering the finish line. For me, it once again was icing on the cake when at the finish line you were handed a beautiful Tiffany blue box with a finisher’s pendant in it. I will now proudly wear the necklace and remember the pain from the SF hills every time. I think I really earned this particular box.

Looking forward to seeing what races Nike Women announces for 2016. I don’t think I will sign up for San Francisco again but would love to explore a new place.

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