Operation Tiffany and Company Diamond Earrings

pearl earringsdiamond earrings

Earlier today I shared the photo of me above wearing pearl earrings on my Instagram account and referenced “Operation Tiffany and Company Diamond Earrings.” So here’s the deal, I’m a VERY squeamish person so the thought of putting earrings into my ears has always been terrifying and I have avoided it. Yes I am 29-years-old and yes I have never put my own earrings in my ears. In fact, until today the last time I wore earrings was April 2014 and before that it was my wedding in June 2013. Let’s file it under “I’m odd.”

A few months ago I came across the beautiful solitaire diamond earrings you also see pictured above and mentioned how I would love to have them to my husband. His response, “you never wear earrings, I am not going to buy something you won’t wear.” Fair enough but then we revisited this subject last weekend and he told me If I started wearing earrings he would consider buying the diamond studs as a Christmas gift. Well people, I took the plunge and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was for me to put the earrings in.

Bottom line, don’t give me a challenge that involves an item from Tiffany and Company because the outcome is I will conquer that challenge. So here’s to hoping it’s a sparkly and Tiffany blue Christmas.

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