Another Challenge Accepted with Something Tiffany Blue at the End


I’m going to let you in on a little secret…I Meghan Gray am a total “Type A” perfectionist. Those who know me well won’t find this so shocking. Since I can remember I’ve always set goals and taken on challenges with my entire heart even if I didn’t succeed the way I wanted to begin with. You see, when you’re a perfectionist you always think you could have done a better job. This trait to me is a blessing but also a curse.

I’m always craving another challenge and giving myself something to accomplish, in the past this has included finishing my master’s degree with all As, competing in the Mrs. Maine pageant, working multiple jobs while an undergraduate. I never want to take the easy road and I want to earn everything that comes my way and not have it handed to me.

Many of you may have read a post back in June after I completed the Nike Women’s 15k in Toronto. I remember the morning of the race my nerves were getting the best of me and at one point a little voice in my head started saying what were you thinking there is no way you will complete this. I quickly removed those terrible thoughts and conquered the race at a pace I thought was terrific. 9.5 miles is a long distance to run, I finished it in an hour and 45 minutes as I excitedly talked to my mom I said I just ran the amount of time it takes us to drive to Bangor from Machias. In my moment of pure bliss and satisfaction I decided I wanted another running challenge and decided next I would sign up for a half marathon. Lucky for me Nike also sponsors a half and even luckier you receive a finisher’s necklace from none other than Tiffany and Company. I know I know, if you don’t love the brand like I do you find this passion of mine annoying and I get it but I don’t care. Some people are obsessed with fitness, others obsessed with video games, or even hunting. This happens to be mine and if anything will push me it’s knowing there is a pretty robin’s egg colored box at the finish line wrapped in a beautiful white bow.

I’m entering week six of the 12 week training program and feeling strong some days and defeated others, but I can assure you I won’t ever give up. That’s not me, I complete everything I start.

The photo you see is of my new sneakers that are going to help me through those 13 miles. Of course they are tiffany blue, c’mon you know me. Now yes I do love a challenge, but I assure you I won’t let the runners high of this race convince me a full marathon is necessary.

If as you’ve read this post there is one thing you take away, I hope it’s to never doubt yourself. Our minds and bodies are powerful things and can always step up to a challenge. So take a risk, do that thing you’ve been thinking about and push out the voice telling you it’s not possible.

In a little more than six weeks I will have a pretty finisher’s necklace from Tiffany and Company that will be a daily reminder of a challenge I accepted.

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