Tiffany and Company Meet-Up

Toronto 2

I have come to love Instagram and consider it my favorite social media platform. The story I’m about to share illustrates why this is the case. On Instagram you can find multiple people who share a common love and loyalty to similar interests of yours. This could be photography in general, a sport, a celebrity, or a particular brand. My love (I know you won’t be surprised) is Tiffany and Company! On Instagram I can share this and not be judged or misinterpreted because there are many others who share the same feelings as me. It sounds silly but I consider these “virtual” people friends and I enjoy looking at their posts and the dialogues that ensue between us.

Ashleigh has been one of my “go-to” followers on Instagram for well over a year now. I was excited to learn that she lives near Toronto and it just so happened I was headed there. Through Instagram we arranged a meet-up at the Tiffany and Company on Bloor Street. Some might wonder if it was awkward or strange and I will tell you absolutely not. We hit it off and had no problem carrying on a conversation while glancing at some of our “wish list” items.

I hope to have another meet up with Ashleigh in the near future (perhaps at the flagship store in NYC). A recent Audrey Hepburn themed book I read inspired me to get a group of us “Tiffany lovers” to meet in NYC for a fun-filled weekend! Who wants to start the planning process? HA. Ashleigh is a delight and I wish we lived closer so our gatherings didn’t have to be so few.

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