Will Run (and hopefully survive) for Tiffany and Company Box!

toronto race

The photo you see above is the route for the upcoming Nike Toronto 15k race that I am participating in.  What does a 15k equal in miles you ask? 9.3 miles of running and the race date is approaching much quicker than I expected. On Sunday, June 14 I will be running with thousands of other ladies and some men too. I have never ran more than 6 miles at a time so this will be a new record for me.

So what motivated me to do this? Great question! And I have an even greater answer. I am choosing to run 9.3 miles to receive a Tiffany and Company box at the finish line. That’s right, if there is anything that will make me run for a solid 90 minutes straight it is a finisher’s necklace designed by Tiffany and Company.

Life is all about trying new things, creating new goals for yourself, and overcoming fears. I’ve been training (probably not as well as I should be) for 6 weeks now and I’m hoping the adrenaline will allow me to push through those last few miles.

Any of my readers running this race? If so, what is your motive behind it? I’m looking forward to the experience and proudly wearing my finisher’s necklace from Tiffany and Company once I’ve completed the race.

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