What’s on your Tiffany and Company Wish List?

wish list

This isn’t a new conversation, any Tiffany and Company fan most likely has an ongoing wish list. You know, those items that you dream about and in your head pick out how you would accessorize them. I’m guilty as charged, the only problem is when I remove one item because of purchasing it I seem to add two more items. My most recent “I need” item (okay okay “I want” item) was the narrow Tiffany T chain link bracelet and I decided to treat myself while on vacation in Orlando. I am calling it my Congrats you received your Master’s purchase.

A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to hear from my Instagram followers as to the items they were dying to have. I was amazed with the comments and all those who participated. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of those “wish list” items. I must inform you the exact way I posed the questions was as follows; if money was no object what is the one piece of jewelry or other accessory from Tiffany and Company you would purchase?

Many of the pieces I knew about, but some were new pieces that I was able to check out.

@gretchendj said the classic Tiffany Setting Diamond ring

@ve_Meyers sais the sixteen stone in platinum and yellow gold

@kitty_greeneyes said 2 carat classic tiffany setting diamond

@kaitie_cupcake said Schlumberger 10 Stone Cross in Platinum

@melinaaar said the Tiffany Enchant primrose key pendant

@mskimber66 said the Victoria Line diamond bracelet in the biggest carat denomination

@smileycakekylie said the 2 carat platinum ribbon ring with matching bands and a full tiffany tea set

@strawberrinha said the majestic necklace

@heathyap said the Tiffany T Cutout Cuff

@thereneemh said the Victoria alternating graduated necklace

@disneyqueenie said the butterfly tiara from the Blue Book or a yellow diamond

@merekat 703 said a yellow diamond ring

@khoags said diamonds by the yard pendant

@frozencokefridays said the platinum cobblestone medallion with diamonds and sapphires

@julietwhiteeagle said the jitney tote

@perrihedges said Schlumberger sixteen stone ring with diamonds and pink sapphires set in platinum

@pearlsinblueboxes said a 2 carat soleste or a halo setting diamond ring

@amberma53 said the Tiffany Aria diamond and pearl necklace and bracelet

@healtherolivia said the Tiffany Jazz drop earrings in platinum with diamonds

@tiffanyandcolove4ever said the Soleste setting with a cushion cut pink diamond that is at least 5 carats

As you can see these ladies have magnificent taste. I want to give them all a big thank you for answering my question and having a little fun on Instagram.

So what does my current wish list look like? Click here to see.

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