Stilll Recovering from the Beauty that was the Oscars!

Let me start off by saying the celebrities brought their A-Game to the Oscars last night. I can usually pick a top three quite easily and I was struggling and in complete awe. Their stylists sure know what looks good on them.

More importantly, let’s talk jewels and more specifically let’s talk Tiffany and Company. Three big stars walked the red carpet adorned in Tiffany and Company pieces.

First, let’s discuss Reese Witherspoon. You all know she’s a favorite of mine and can almost do no wrong. She wore spectacular diamond earrings, bracelet and a blue diamond ring from the upcoming 2015 Blue Book. The ring…I really have no words. I will now be anxiously waiting to receive my Blue Book in the mail.

Okay now let’s move on to Emma Watson. I loved her dress, I could never pull off that color but she sure did. Then when I saw a close up of the cuffs she wore let’s just say I was mind blown. (Yes I am aware I am using total white girl lingo in this post and I am fine with it). Back to the cuffs, new design director Francesca Amfitheatrof drew inspiration from the 40s for these diamond cuffs, also from the Blue Book.

Lastly, Cate Blanchett. When I first saw her I never guessed the statement necklace she was wearing was from Tiffany and Company. It’s much more bold than I am use to seeing from them. But I loved it, it popped against her black gown. A little FYI on the necklace: Tiffany craftsmen hand set each gemstone in a fluid platinum setting. No surprise here but it’s also from the Blue Book.

Want to see these photos in person, check out my Instagram account or visit Tiffany’s Google+ page by clicking here.

Of three Tiffany jewel looks what was your favorite?

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