A Birthday With A Touch of Tiffany


I never grow bored of clicking through the various Tiffany and Company themed photos on Instagram, whether it be birthdays or bridal showers. So it’s no surprise even though I’ve had my fair share of celebrations around this theme that I’m always up for another.

This year my husband asked our wedding cake lady to make my birthday cake and it came out beautifully and was quite delicious tasting too! I’m also lucky to have a husband who supports my habit (HA). He gifted me with a gift card, as did my in-laws. I can’t keep unused Tiffany gift cards in my purse for very long. I’ve had the Atlas Pendant on the 24″ chain on my wish list and I think that will be the item I choose to purchase with all my gift cards.

The older I get I realize the small things and simple thoughts are so greatly appreciated and important; however, anytime that beautiful Tiffany blue box is involved my heart can’t help but flutter a little faster.

What did all you lovelies get for Valentine’s Day?

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