Drop a Tiffany Valentine’s Day Hint


Years ago, Tiffany and Company offered the Drop A Hint feature for Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The feature created such buzz and popularity that they now offer it year round. The language changes based on the holiday or season and I always love seeing what creative marketing ploy they come up with.

I’m slightly partial to Valentine’s Day, perhaps because it also serves as my birthday! The other day I decided to send my husband a helpful hint to one assure it includes a Tiffany Blue Box and two to see what language they created for Valentine’s Day.

It’s simple, to the point and oh so cute! Don’t get me wrong I love a beautiful bouquet of flowers especially when I can put them in one of my Tiffany and Company vases, but a blue box always steals the show.

I posted something on my Instagram account about this and many people responded saying they didn’t have great luck with this feature. I think it did go into the junk mail box of my husband’s email once but usually comes through perfectly. Curious to hear how you feel about this feature?

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