Golden Globes Recap

golden globes

I’m guessing quite a few of you tuned into the Golden Globes on Sunday evening. I love the actual awards show, but my favorite part is the red carpet. The shoes, manicures, beautiful gowns, and of course the fabulous jewelry. I’m always looking out for Tiffany and Company jewels.

This year’s Golden Globes did not disappoint and there were some show-stopping pieces. So let’s recap and share with me your favorite!

Amy Adams dazzled in Tiffany diamonds, check out those earrings I thought they were the perfect pairing for her hair style and gown.

Taylor Schilling wore two different Tiffany designers. Her earrings were the 18k gold Elsa Peretti Bean earrings and she also wore Schlumberger rings. Red is definitely her color. I found that many of the celebrities wore dresses that did not need a necklace but made up for it with earrings, rings, and bracelets.

Reese Witherspoon has always been a favorite of mine, I love her girl-next-door demeanor and think her hair and make-up is always on point! I’ll admit she was my favorite at the Golden Globes for the jewels. She radiated elegance in Tiffany Novo and Schlumberger diamonds. Look at the bracelet it is fabulous.

The last celebrity I want to feature for wearing Tiffany and Company is Sienna Miller, she rocked the Tiffany Metro and Jazz Collections. I loved her hair, but was not a fan of her dress and felt it was a little distracting and took away from her gorgeous jewels.

These are just my opinions, so please share your thoughts with me! Be sure to check back for other award show recaps this season!

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