My interview for the Tiffany and Company Documentary


This post highlights the power of social media. I know you are probably thinking she’s said this before but read and you will understand my reasoning for emphasizing it once again.

In January you may recall I wrote a post about the Tiffany and Company documentary being filmed by Quixotic Endeavors. I shared my excitement for the film and how I was looking forward to watching it, a normal post for me and my followers. A few days later I received an email from a man by the name of Michael Weismann; he had come across my blog post and was interested in talking to me about my passion for Tiffany and Company and perhaps being interviewed for the film. We spoke and I said I would be willing to be interviewed and would wait to hear from him. Months passed and there were no email exchanges, I figured they had decided to move in a different direction after all Katie Couric is featured in this film I can’t compare to her. Then in May, Michael sent me another email asking for my phone number so the director of the film, Matthew Miele, could speak to me. Once again the weeks and months passed without news so I decided it would not become a reality. Then near the end of September Michael sent another email asking if I would be in NYC anytime soon, as luck would have it I had a planned work trip from October 6-8. We tentatively scheduled the interview (knowing it could be changed at the very last minute).

Lucky for me, that interview did happen this week! This doesn’t mean any parts of my interview will make it into the film (keep your fingers crossed for me). Either way, it was a fun experience that I won’t soon forget. I got to talk about my passion for the brand and how it has been a part of so many milestones in my life. Here’s to hoping if I do make it in the film people don’t think I need to be entered into “Tiffany Rehab.” You my followers understand our shared love for the company. I got to share my Tiffany engagement story and wedding. I also shared the many connections I have been able to make through this blog and its corresponding Instagram account.

Follow them on Instagram @QuixoticEndeavors to keep up with their latest shoots and keep a close eye on their website for updates on the documentary. They will be releasing the trailer soon (I can’t wait to see it). They are a great group of people that I was happy to have met and been interviewed by.

Now we will have to wait and see what makes it into the final version of the film which is set to debut in spring 2015!

Lastly, I would like to thank the fabulous Nicole Williams for doing my hair and make up for the interview. Check out her website if you are ever in NYC I highly recommend having her glam you.

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