Another Guest Blogger: This time Juliet Jagoe

Happy Thursday Everyone!

A few weeks ago I introduced you to Heather (my first guest blogger). I asked her a series of questions related to Tiffany and Company and shared them on here. Today I would like to introduce you to Juliet Jagoe from Texas. She is such a sweet person and is getting married in March 2015 (Tiffany-themed of course).

Her and I connected on Instagram and now keep in touch regularly, it only made sense that I feature her. Below you will the questions I provided and the answers she came back with.

Tell me about your first experience with Tiffany and Company?

My first visit with Tiffany was great. They welcomed me and made me feel comfortable.

What do you think it is about the iconic Tiffany Blue that excites so many people?

I think it excites people because not only is it a beautiful color but people know how great of quality they are as a brand.

Share a story or stories about how social media has connected you with other Tiffany and Company lovers?

I decided to look up #TiffanyBlue and came across this girl’s Instagram account @TiffanyBlueGirlAtHeart. I went through her posts and I thought, man this girl has some incredible stuff and is obsessed with Tiffany& Co. just as much as me! So I messaged her, since she is also a planner and asked for some helpful hints on what she has for a breakfast at tiffany’s themed wedding; since that’s what her wedding was too. She sent me some pictures and ideas she had, along with a couple of engagement pictures her and her now hubby did. One of them really stuck out to me, it was a Tiffany bag with their wedding date on them for their STD (save the date). A few weeks later she sent me a plethora of different sized T&Co. boxes! I would call her my ‘friend’ and I have even invited her to the wedding!

I had to share the adorable photo she was referring to from her engagement shoot:

Juliet's guest blog

Photo Credit: Rachel Downs Photography

You are planning a wedding. Tell us how you have and will be incorporating Tiffany and Company into the planning process?

I will be incorporating Tiffany and Co. by using boxes, pearls and the color. Our theme is even Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

What Tiffany and Company item is currently at the top of your wish list?

I would love to own the Jitny Tote in Tiffany Blue with my soon to be initials on the outside.

What is your favorite piece of Tiffany and Company that you own?

My favorite piece right now is my Return to Tiffany heart charm with Tiffany Blue enamel on one side. It lets everyone know a hint of my obsession right from the get-go.

Have you been met with judgment or criticism because of your passion for Tiffany and Company?

I get judged all the time for my love of Tiffany and Company. People think I am a spoiled girl because of how much Tiffany I have, which isn’t true.

I’m looking for my next guest blogger, I promise it’s painless. I usually email you a series of questions and have you send them back once completed. I enjoy hearing from other Tiffany lovers and how they came to know the brand. I have found that many milestones in my life has involved Tiffany and Company. Those milestones turn into great stories and I want to share yours. Send me a message on here or email me!

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