Recap of Boston’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s Event

breakfast  brekafast 2

One of the Tiffany and Company sales professionals who was kind enough to show me the T Collection also invited me to their Breakfast at Tiffany’s event. I attended the event with my friend Lisa this past weekend and we had a wonderful time!

The event is geared towards recent couples who are engaged with the ever popular Tiffany diamonds, however, others were in attendance. We got to sip on mimosas and snack on mini quiches while viewing the various jewelry in the store.

They had a world-renowned engraver on site and I must say his skills are perfection. It was also a walk down memory lane, the sales professional who helped my husband with our proposal was working the event.

They were kind enough to gift all attendees with the beautiful glass Tiffany box and I also purchased a small item for myself.

As always, their customer service was impeccable. I also left the store with new knowledge, they offer a diamond upgrade program. My apologies to my husband!

Until next time…Happy Tiffany Shopping!

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