In Chicago A Cocktail Can Come with A Tiffany box

A few months back I told you about the Cloudgate cocktail at the Tavern at the Park in Chicago. What does a cocktail have to do with Tiffany and Company you ask?! Well this particular drink comes with a Tiffany blue box which features the “bean” necklace! A tribute to Chicago!

After reading about this on Forbes I decided the next time I ventured to Chicago the cocktail was a must and this week work brought me there!

I went directly to the bar knowing I only wanted this cocktail! I was pleasantly greeted by Tina who at first wasn’t sure if I really wanted the Cloudgate (it comes with a $221 price tag). Most people don’t notice that catch or understand what the drink includes but I had done my research!

The drink is quite delicious and strong! It has pear infused vodka and champagne with silver shavings around the rim of the glass! Oh and it’s even served on a silver platter (Bonus). I would highly recommend it!

I was curious how often they sell this drink and was surprised when Tina said they go through about 9 a week! That’s impressive to me and once again shows how many people love the Tiffany brand! Tina also informed me that one woman came all the way from Arizona just for this cocktail! She trumps me by distance but I bet we are equally dedicated to the brand!

So tell me? Would you buy this cocktail?




2 thoughts on “In Chicago A Cocktail Can Come with A Tiffany box

  1. Yes, I sure would! I am travelling to the U.S. (to Cali from Australia) in March, and if I make it that way, I will visit for sure!

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