My Personal Look at the Tiffany T Collection

Tiffany T 1 Tiffany T 2

I first heard about the Tiffany T Collection in late July and could not wait for it’s release in the U.S. on Monday, August 18th. Most people had not been able to view many of the collection’s pieces. A few fashion magazines did articles over Tiffany’s new Design Director and lead person on this collection, Francesca Amfitheatrof. The collection was being described as clean and modern and when I finally got a sneak peek of some of the pieces I fell in love. However, when I saw them in person I fell even more in love.

I was recently in Boston for work and one of Copley location sales professionals Maria was kind enough to give my friend Danielle and I a look at the collection. Can you say stunning?

The bangles, bracelets, and rings all have a distinct T to them in a simplistic and classic way. I tried on a variety of the pieces as did my friend. Pictured you see, the Tiffany T ring in sterling silver, as well as the diamond one (great addition to my Tiffany diamond don’t you think)? Hint Hint to my husband.

I also love the link bracelet, that has moved to the top of my wish list (I predict before Christmas I will be rocking it).

Francesca also designed their hand bag collection. The clutch I am holding retails for $650 and is worth every dollar. I also love the Tiffany T Smile necklace my friend Danielle is modeling in this photo. Once again, simple but pure perfection.

Once again, Maria lived up to Tiffany’s exemplary customer service taking her time with my friend and I and making sure all our needs were met.

In case this post has made you more inclined to buy from this collection follow my link to start your shopping by clicking here.

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