Special Tiffany Lover Guest

Those of you who frequently visit my blog have heard me write about all the great connections I’ve made with fellow Tiffany lovers either through this blog or my Instagram account that is connected to this blog. @tiffanybluegirlatheart (shameless plug).

I thought it would be fun to share some of their stories with you. Heather happens to be the first person I will be featuring. I asked her a series of questions related to Tiffany and Company

What is it about Tiffany and Company that you love and enjoy so much?

There are multitude of elements that I love about Tiffany and Company. Here are my Top 3:
(1) Design
One can never go wrong with Tiffany. It is classic perfection! Every Tiffany item is created with such artistry and exquisiteness. This is why the company is world-renowned for its supreme and timeless designs.
(2) Customer Service
Whether online or in-stores, every Tiffany and Company staff member displays professionalism and promotes organizational values and principles. They are also knowledgeable and competent which are essential skills in order to thoroughly assess and prioritize situations, cultivate solutions, and provide appropriate interventions to customers’ concerns.
Tiffany and Company treats the customers with respect, integrity, honesty, and consideration regardless of race, financial status, age, gender, and sexuality. Each customer is valued as a unique individual. Therefore, the company enhances self-determination which allows customers to give their insights and be the causal factor of innovation.
Furthermore, the company goes above and beyond with its complimentary services such as in-store consultations, gift-wrapping, silver polishing, and even sending birthday and holiday cards to frequent customers.
(3) Perfect Gift
“A gift from Tiffany is cherished forever.” It is true. I received my first Tiffany pieces from my mom. Even though it has been several years since she gave them to me, they are among my most treasured things in this world. In my perspective, a Tiffany piece is more than just a material; it is a symbolic representation of genuine love and relationship. This is why I always choose Tiffany as gifts for the significant people in my life. 
Tell me about your first piece of jewelry you bought or received from Tiffany and Company
My very first piece of jewelry from Tiffany and Company is the Return to Tiffany heart tag toggle necklace in sterling silver which I received on my birthday from my mom. In order to surprise me, my mom placed the Tiffany blue box in a plain gift bag. The funny thing is that I was initially disappointed when I saw the gift bag because I was expecting a Siberian Husky puppy. However, my feelings changed immediately when I saw the Tiffany blue box with white satin ribbon peeking through the gift tissues. Without a doubt, I was that happiest person I know on that day. Until now, it remains to be my favorite piece from Tiffany and Company. I love its dynamic factors – fun, bold, and classic. 
How did you first learn of Tiffany and Company?
Because of my mom who is an avid jewelry collector, I’ve learned about the prestige of Tiffany and Company at a very young age. I remember that I was always attracted to the store’s magical Christmas window displays. But, those were the days when I didn’t care much about the jewelry; I just liked the miniature houses and figures in the window. My appreciation and admiration for the company didn’t flourish until my early teenage years. 
What is it about the brand that you think has allowed it to become such a household name?
For over 175 years, Tiffany and Company has proven itself to be the paramount of innovative designs and precise craftsmanship in the world. It is devoted to creating elegance, beauty, and timelessness. Most importantly, this company is always evolving – adapting and reflecting current society’s fundamentals. This is one of the factors that allows the company to maintain its prestige and to gain worldly recognition.
What is your favorite piece of jewelry or accessory you own from Tiffany and Company?
I love all of my Tiffany’s but my favorite one will always be the Return to Tiffany heart tag toggle necklace because it is my very first Tiffany jewelry. I’ve worn this piece the most. There was a point that I wore it on a daily basis. I just love how casual and fun it looks, especially with a basic shirt and a pair of jeans.

What is it like to use social media platforms like Instagram to connect with other Tiffany and Company lovers?
The feeling is identical to having numerous understanding friends. You can endlessly share your admiration for Tiffany and Company without feeling that you are being judged. It is the most universal way of promoting the company, delivering your personal views, and educating others. Because of Instagram users – @pearlaceandgrace, @tiffanybluegirlatheart, and @perrihedges, I expanded my knowledge and interest on other Tiffany collections. I also learned some tips on how to wear my Tiffany pieces (stacking, layering, and combining) from them. 
How many of you are reading Heather’s responses and thinking, that’s exactly how I feel? I bet a lot, so many of her answers are similar to ones I have given to other people. I would like to give a BIG thank you to Heather for being the first person featured in this manner. Do you want to be included in the next? Send me a message and I would be happy to include you.

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