Spreading the Tiffany and Company Love


As you may recall from a former post, I have titled myself a “Tiffany Box Hoarder.” I mean not really, but kind of (depends on who you are asking). I haven’t saved EVERY single box but after the bridal shower and wedding gifts plus other holidays I have collected quite a few in the past two years. My husband has kindly been saying don’t you think it’s time to get rid of some of them. I felt bad just throwing them away and try to find a use for them as often as possible.

Luckily, through my Instagram account that is connected to this BLOG (shameless plug @tiffanybluegirlatheart) I have located quite a few ladies who wanted Tiffany boxes for either decoration or their own bridal showers and weddings. I have now sent boxes to Texas, Ohio, Brazil, and Florida. With a few more shipments going out in the next couple of weeks to Guam and California.

I love to write, so I always try to include a personalized note with the boxes. Just this past week two of the recipients made very sweet posts. I love seeing them so happy, one of them was even kind enough to gift me two BEAUTIFUL tiffany blue plates. Can’t wait to use those!

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. I love making connections through social media and finding others who have the same love as I do.

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