Tiffany and Company set to launch new collection on Monday

T Collection

If you are anything like me (which most likely you are in order to be reading this blog), hearing news of a new Tiffany and Company collection feels a little like Christmas morning. Hoping for some items you asked for, the anticipation of finding out the surprises, and knowing that item is now yours to wear or play with!

On a regular basis, I scroll the web looking for any Tiffany related news. This week I came across a great article from HerWorldPlus. Check them out on Instagram @herworldsingapore. The article talked about the new collection called the “T Collection” set to be unveiled on Monday, August 18th.

According to the article, this collection is a modern take on the iconic jewelry label with the focus on the “T” combined with great attention to detail. I highly recommend you check the article out, it’s a great read. Luckily on their Instagram account they released a few sneak peek photos and I am obsessed (no surprise there) with the bangle you see in the picture above.

I know I will be anxiously checking out the website on Monday to see what they list, I’m even considering driving to Boston since I have the day off to check out their store.

Let me know what you think of the collection and if you make any purchases.





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