Tiffany and Company for the Puppy


My husband has been begging for a puppy for the past two years and I had been able to win the battle up until this year. We both travel for work frequently and when we are home we aren’t actually ever home (always on the go).

Then our first anniversary rolled around, as did my husband’s 32nd birthday and guess where I was? Not at home, but instead traveling for work in Los Angeles and NYC. I took pity and agreed to a puppy. A moment of insanity for the girl who has never had a pet and is OCD about my house being perfectly clean (you know the kind that cleans before and after the cleaning lady has been there).

We’ve now had the puppy for almost a month and I have to admit I have fallen in love. I was excited to find my puppy her own Tiffany box (toy version) at a pet boutique in LA and of course I had to fit her inside of one of my much larger Tiffany boxes for a photo op.

I scoured the Internet for a Tiffany blue (ish) collar and leash and finally found one. So as far as pups go, this one is chic!

My husband ordered me (finally) the Tiffany and Company beach towel for an anniversary gift. He keeps saying he plans to order one for Bailey (the puppy) to use at the pool. He made me wait for the towel for almost two years so I think he knows it’s in his best interest to not order one for the puppy within a month of having her.

Until next time, I hope your days are filled with Tiffany blue!

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