Located a Tiffany and Company Coin


Instagram is currently my favorite social media tool. Primarily, because of the various photos related to Tiffany and Company I can find by searching related hash tags.

Instagram is how I found out that before they switched to gift cards, Tiffany and Company used coins in different monetary values as gifts. Upon learning of this, I automatically did some research to learn as much as I possibly could and see what authentic ones look like.

I called a few coin shops with no luck so I headed to Ebay. These coins are still valid in Tiffany and Company stores for their face value so I wasn’t willing to pay triple of that. I was lucky to come across a “Buy Now” option that had a good price tag on it.

You can see the coin pictured, I don’t plan on cashing it in for merchandise, instead I will hold onto it as a keepsake.

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