Three New Tiffany Stores Opening in the U.S.


Photo Credit:  From Instagram user runwaysthetalentgroup

Exciting news for many Tiffany and Company lovers–especially if it’s in your area. Tiffany and Company is opening three stores in the United States over the next year.

The three new locations include: Aventura, Florida, The Miami Design District, and Newbury Street in Boston. As a New Englander and someone who travels to Boston regularly for work and personal matters I am extremely excited about the new Boston location. It always shocked me that there was only one location in Boston which is inside a mall. This opening will take place in fall, who else besides me would love an invite to the store opening? 🙂

The store inside the Aventura Mall held its opening yesterday. The photo I have included above is of some of the models at the opening. Can you say gorgeous?

Side note but a fact I found interesting: Not including its Fifth Avenue flagship store, the three strongest branch stores in the U.S. are South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California, Union Square in San Francisco, and Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Would these have been the areas you picked?



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