Telling Time with Tiffany and Company

Telling Time with Tiffany and Company

My Tiffany and Company wish list is never-ending. Once I remove an item because it’s been purchased I usually reciprocate by adding 1-2 more items to the list. The watch you see pictured has been on the wish list for almost two years. Back in the fall I decided this was the year I would purchase the watch and decided to set a certain amount of money aside each month to go toward it. The watch retails at $3200 so it’s not like dropping a couple of hundred dollars.

About three weeks ago I logged onto my wish list and noticed the watch had disappeared, I sadly knew this most likely meant it was being discontinued. I had my husband contact the sales associate he deals with and my thoughts were confirmed. However, the sales associate said I can still get you one and it was in that moment that I knew it was now or never. Clearly you can see what I decided for an action as I am proudly wearing it every day!

I find myself still checking my cellphone for the time instead of my watch–I’ll get use to that.

The great thing about this piece, it’s timeless and can be passed down to hopefully a future daughter, grand-daughter etc.

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